How will people and robots work together?

21.10.2016 15:09:37

What do we mean when we talk of evolution? Today, evolution isn't about technological advance as such. The evolution we are currently witnessing involves a dramatic social transformation, one that marks the beginning of a dialogue between robots and human beings. This topic was examined by Gustav Mistrík during his presentation at the P3 Future Trends Conference, where he spoke about interaction between artificial intelligence, robots and people.

Conference delegates were relieved by Mistrík's assurances that robots would only assist humans. He likened fears about hostile robots to concerns about mechanisation at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. "No matter what, robots will improve and expand our options. They are and will continue to be an immense opportunity for undertaking complex tasks as well as monotonous work and dirty jobs, all of which could be eliminated through the work of robots," said Mistrík painting an optimistic future.

A widely respected robotics expert, Mistrik believes that artificial intelligence can never replace humans; and neither is it intended to do so. "Artificial intelligence cannot replace the human brain. On the other hand, the capabilities of robots will continue to improve and their productivity will grow. The development stems from the complexity of the robotic brain and neuron networks that are able to learn fast, to communicate with people, to interact and so on," Mistrík told delegates, adding "the robotic brain will extend people's abilities and underline the positive traits of their personalities, which is an opportunity for every human."

Mistrík is also a tech investor and, as part of his presentation, he explained the Metila Project to develop the way in which robotic artificial intelligence communicates with people over the Internet. In fact, the online world is where Metila continues to gain new knowledge and experience as regards social and cultural interactions. Metila already understands human values, cultures and social patterns. The robot is capable of supporting human education and facilitating personality development in the social context. And this is the main purpose of artificial intelligence – helping people. Mistrík believes that artificial intelligence will eventually become so advanced that robots will be able to think independently, draw conclusions and understand metaphors.,

Mistrik can see a future, for example, where robots will take over the work of human resources officers or the average lecturer. Metila is already able to use a dialogue to choose the right personnel for specific positions, so this future may be closer than we think.

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